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Kalpak Pathak started his journey as a photojournalist in Mumbai, India. He is recognized for his exemplary work as a photojournalist with India's leading national daily, Hindustan Times.

Kalpak covered the dastardly '2008 Mumbai Terror Attacks' and also won the Photojournalist Award of the year.

Before moving to Los Angeles to study Cinematography, he worked as an Assistant Director in a production house in Mumbai.


Kalpak is a Fine Arts graduate with specialization in Photography.

Kushaal Chawla , director , producer

Kushaal Chawla, Writer/Director/Producer

Kalpak is an extremely conscientious and hardworking cinematographer. He is an easy going person who takes his work seriously, but not himself as much. He is one of the few cinematographers who helps you tell your story and will aid you in that process through his best visuals. I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with him in more than 3 movies and in all of them he’s delivered visuals that surpassed all expectations.


Deante' Gray, Writer/Director

Working with Kalpak, is working with a professional who has a keen understanding of the nuances of film and how to visually create an engaging perspective. His detailed approach to the craft, has undoubtedly made him one of the very best professionals I’ve had the pleasure to work with.

Shubham Shevade , director , producer

Shubham Shevade, Writer/Director/Producer

My experience with Kalpak has always been remarkable! I feel confident saying that he has an eye for photography that makes him every director's pen for visual storytelling. I find myself coming back to him for every other project I am working on.

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